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The college has experienced student support officers who can advice you in almost all necessary areas during your enrollment period at Winsor Education.

Policies & Procedures

Click here for policies and procedures.

For further details on policies and procedures, please contact our operations department on operations@winsoreducation.org.uk.

Registering with the National Health Services (NHS) GP

If not already registered, you will be issued with a NHS introductory letter which will allow you to register with a local GP (General Practitioner) who will register you under the UK NHS care scheme, for further information, pleae visit: www.nhs.uk


If required, you will also be issued with the bank introductory letter which will enable you to open a bank account.


The college does not provide accommodation to the students on its own. However, we can provide contacts of the local estate agents or contact them on your behalf.

Guidance on Online resources

Guidance is given to the learners during induction for resources available online. Please click on study links to access these resources.

College aims to extend its resources for the learners and would be more than happy to listen to learners’ suggestion in terms of improvement of resources.



The college has a zero tolerance policy on bullying.Our welfare officers are there to ensure that you have a supportive, caring and safe environment, without fear of being bullied.

If you are being bullied, there are a quite few things that you could do.
  • Calmly tell the student to stop…or say nothing and then walk away.
  • Use humor, if this is easy for you to do. (For example, if a student makes fun of your clothing, laugh and say, “Yeah, I think this shirt is kind of funny-looking, too.”)
  • Try to avoid situations in which bullying is likely to happen. You might want to
  • Avoid areas of the school where there are not many students or teachers around.
  • Make sure you aren’t alone in the bathroom or locker room.
  • If you are travelling, sit near the front of the bus.
  • Don’t bring expensive things or lots of money to school.
  • Sit with a group of friends at lunch.
  • Take a different route through hallways or walk with friends or a teacher to your classes.
Please see our anti bullying policy for further details.

Complaints & Suggestions

The college has a complaints policy could be obtained from the operations team. You can view the brief procedure by clicking here. However, our student support officer/s will be able to help you in this regard as well. Alternatively you can launch the complaint through the complaints form or the contact form.

Student Feedbacks

To give feedback on our services, kindly click here.
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Student Feedback
Complaints & Suggestions
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