College aims to provide adequate resources to the learners to support them in their learning journey and always strives to increase them

Computer Facilities

Adequate number of computers is made available to the learners with internet facilities for up to 30 minutes. Learners have to book computers if they want to use for longer period. The computer laboratory is equipped with required hardware and software. As the field of computing advances, we continually upgrade our computing equipment to help ensure that our learners are familiar with the latest technologies available.
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The learners are provided with library facilities at the college where they are allowed to borrow books, CDs and DVDs for a period of 7 days. They are always allowed to extend their borrowing if the book or item is not booked already by any other learner. Students are also encouraged to access their local public library for other publications.
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Internet Access

As well as having many other uses, internet is one of the most powerful research tools in existence. All pc’s are connected to the internet using high speed connections. Students are welcome to use their own laptops and connect them with the internet free of charge.


Guidance on Online resources

Guidance is given to the learners during induction for resources available online. Please click here to access these resources.

College aims to extend its resources for the learners and would be more than happy to listen to learners’ suggestion in terms of improvement of resources.

Accreditations, Partnerships & Affiliations