About the Course

Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Travel and Tourism is a 120 credit size qualification and is the equivalent level to the 2nd year of a degree. Learners must achieve the 5 mandatory units which amount to 75 credits. At least 30 credits must come from group O1. The remaining 15 credits may come from either group O1 or group O2

Course Detail

  • The Travel and Tourism Sector A/601/1740
  • Applying Promotional Techniques A/503/7079
  • Communication Skills L/503/7071
  • People in Organisations T/503/7078

  • Optional Units (Group 01)
  • The Management of Visitor Attractions A/503/8149
  • Passenger Transport Operations M/503/8150
  • Sustainable Tourism Development T/503/8151
  • Tourist Destinations K/601/1748
  • Tour Operations Management T/601/1753
  • Resort Management A/601/1754
  • Special Interest Tourism M/601/1752
  • Optional Units (Group 02)
  • Marketing Principles and Practice M/503/7077
  • Business Ethics M/601/1024
  • Personal and Professional Development T/601/0943
  • Employability Skills A/601/0992
  • Business Law R/601/1145
  • Corporate Social Responsibility A/503/7082
  • Resource Management F/503/7083
  • Administrative Services J/503/7084
  • Planning a Work Based Team Project K/503/7076
  • Planning a New Business Venture R/503/7072
  • Customer Relationship Management T/503/7081

  • Students must be 18 or above in age
  • A Level 4 or an equivalent qualification from another Educational System OR A Level 3 qualification or equivalent plus proof of 2 years of work experience at a supervisory or managerial position.
  • CEFR Level B1 English Language qualification in speaking, listening, reading and writing (approved in the UKBA SELT provider List.

One academic year ( Extensive 6 months also available)

Exemption is subject to approval from the awarding body. For further information, please contact the operations department on Please note that there is no exemption on the English Language requirement unless it's stated in the UK border agency policy guidance.

Jan, May and September

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either apply online, through our website or you can download the application fill it in by hand, scan through and send it to us via email.

  • Yes you will need to send the following documents to support your application (Scanned copies are acceptable).
  • Clear copy of passport
  • Clear copy of valid Visa (if available)
  • Passport size photo x2
  • Clear copy of all certifications, if not in English, alongside original certificates, a translated copy needs to be provided. Plus a copy of the translation company following details of translator dated and signed.
  • Personal statement; a minimum of 150 words. Explain what you want to study, why you have chosen the college and the course, what are your current and future plans
  • Bank statements; validity of 28 days.

Yes, if you are privately funded, you will need to send a copy of your proof of income and validity of this should be within the last 3 years.

You will need to send the documents that have been mentioned above, however you do not have to include any proof of income, as you are supported by the government.

In your personal statement you would need to talk about what you want to do and why you have chosen to study here. also you can talk about your current and future plans. there is a word current, your personal statement should have a minimum of 150 words.

You will receive a letter via email which will congratulate you and will also explain the next steps of what you will need to do.

If application may not be successful for either two reasons, either you have not provided all the documents required, or some of the documents are not valid. Or the reason might be to do with your Visa. you will receive a letter via email or post to explain the reasons why your application has been rejected.

You will receive an email that will book an appointment with yourself for a Skype interview. this interview will be used as part of an assessment which will be conducted by the interviewer. it is important to remember to make sure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of your course and the criteria it covers.

No. your government will issue a financial grantee which will be paid directly to us.

Yes. you will need to make sure to place a deposit of half of the tuition sum. (Note: £150, will be deducted as admission fees, and this is non refundable.)

Yes, a sum of £150 will be deducted from the payment you'll make as admissions fee. this fee is non-refundable. terms and conditions apply.

You will need a Visa letter from us to provide for your Visa application. this letter will be provided to you as soon as your application with us is successful. this is what we refer to as an acceptance letter.

You can apply for your Visa through your agency or online. otherwise you can contact us and we will assist you with your application.

You will need to apply at least 3 months before your course start date. this is in order to help you settle in the country, before you start the course.

If you visa is not accepted you will need to contact your agency, and re-apply.

You will need to contact us, and we will book you in for an induction, as soon as you arrive ready to start your course.