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About Winsor Education

Winsor Education is a independent educational institution which has been established since years and we have been providing quality education to adults in various programmes ranging from English Language to foundation programmes. Recently WE has partnered with some well known universities in the UK to provide our students a smooth transition into higher education.

Based in the city centre of Birmingham, the location of our college is a short, two-minute walk from the Bullring Shopping Centre. We are extremely accessible from all corners of Birmingham by means of public transport and are minutes away from the major train stations. There are also many parking facilities available nearby.

Our mission is to honour the educational standards of the UK. This includes providing education of the highest quality which is both accessible and affordable. Our aim is to reach excellence whilst giving confidence to our learners to achieve more.
Students from all backgrounds and cultures receive training and guidance allowing them to become fine global citizens. We work with a wide diversity of people from all backgrounds and ages and their feedback is of upmost importance. As a result, we are very happy to be the only college in Birmingham which can offer gender separated classes, where required.


A message from the principal

I am pleased to welcome you to Winsor Education, a vibrant place for learning where we are geared towards developing your knowledge and skills so you can accomplish your desired destination.

I am delighted and feel proud that WE can provide an opportunity to all prospective students to be educated and trained to get a career path in today's challenging world. Here you will be equipped with modern tools and training into a competitive market.

WE offers a wide range of qualifications from beginner entry level English to higher level academic skills in addition to foundation programmes. We aim to be with you at every step throughout your educational journey by providing a very supporting and welcoming environment for everyone. We experience students from various different ethnic and regional backgrounds, both nationally and internationally, and are committed to equality and diversity.

Teaching and learning takes place in a friendly and encouraging environment where our dedicated, qualified and experienced staff support inclusion and where learners can thrive and achieve their educational goal through our engaging curriculums. Our courses are well organised and cater to the needs of the market requirements and prepares the students to face the challenges of personal and professional life.

WE has set high standards of quality as our main focus is on the quality of education rather than mass education. Our high educational standards are quality assured by the UK’s leading inspection bodies: Independent Schools Inspectorate for Private Further Education (ISI).

I wish all those who join WE all the best and anticipate that everyone will be able to translate their vision into reality.

Our high educational standards are quality assured by the UK’s leading inspection bodies: Independent Schools Inspectorate for Private Further Education (ISI). click here to see full ISI inspection full report

Sarfaraz A Jagirdar

Our fantastic city centre location and excellent public transport links make it extremely convenient for students from all areas of Birmingham to reach us. Our location also allows for fun class trips that take place on a regular basis.


We pride ourselves in having a very diverse learning environment; our staff have years of experience in teaching English both in the UK and abroad. We also have a very diverse student community and learners from all over the globe.


We strive to ensure that every student has the relevant support through which they get the skills they desire. We will go the extra mile to make sure students have the right qualifications to achieve their goals of either employment or further education.

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