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Course Name: Higher English (Pre Master) Course code : HEF713

Winsor Education offers a range of courses at different levels to prepare you for studying in an English environment. Well trained staff with professional study environment ensures high standards of education, invaluable experience of college life in the UK. The aim of the study is to train the students to write discursive essays, practise academic listening skills, develop tactics for note taking and summarising. Furthermore to focus on broader skills such as study skills, research skills, critical thinking and cultural awareness.All the students going for master’s programme in colleges and universities are expected to have B2 level of the common European framework of Reference (CEFR), the international framework used to describe language ability. On the successful completion of the course you will meet the English language requirements to study in universities and colleges.

Course Content
All the four modules reading, writing, speaking and listening are covered in depth.
English Language Module
Speaking and Listening:
  • Speak to communicate straightforward and detailed information, ideas and opinions clearly, adapting speech and content to take account of the listener(s), medium, purpose and situation.
  • Listen and respond to spoken language, including extended information and narratives, and follow detailed explanations and multi-step instructions of varying length, adapting response to speaker, medium and context.
  • Engage in discussion with one or more people in a variety of different situations, making clear and effective contributions that produce outcomes appropriate to purpose and topic
Reading and Writing:
  • Read and understand a range of texts of varying complexity accurately and independently.
  • Read and obtain information of varying length and detail from different sources.
  • Write to communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly using length, format and style appropriate to purpose, content and audience.
Foundation Module
Level -7 units in detailed : (You can choose any one unit from the 3 optional)
  • Business Management
  • Health Care Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management
Study Skills
  • Research methodologies
  • Harvard referencing
  • Assignment preparation
  • Numerical skills development
  • Plagiarism
Who is this course for?
It is designed for everyone who wants to excel in language skills which are useful at work place, everyday life and for higher education. These courses are ideal preparation for Pre-University students who require in-depth training in English beyond the narrow scope of an IELTS preparation course and who aspire to undertake masters programme at UK universities. The students also get a real time exposure to the UK university study pattern in the specialised area (Business / Health care / Travel and Tourism Management).
  • The final assessment will be a combination of written exams, oral one to one interview, group discussions, portfolio and assignments.
  • Certificate will be awarded by Trinity College London.
  • Level 7 diploma in Management / Healthcare /Tourism awarded by ATHE.
Entry Requirement:
  • Overall IELTS 5.0 / or equivalent to CEFR B2 level
  • Pre-course interview
  • Students must have taken a relevant bachelors degree
Course Duration:
The length of the course will be upto 11 months with 15 -19 hours per week.
Masters programme at UK universities.The Higher English courses are suitable for students planning to study at Masters Programmes at universities in the UK.
Fees :
Total fees (including registration, examination fees and certification)

International Students: £6000
UK/EEA Students: £3500

Information Technology

This course is designed for people who need a start with IT. The course aims to build knowledge in using IT resources.

Business Studies

'This course is currently being revised. please visit later for further updates.'

Short Term Courses

The courses aim to teach students aspiring to take IELTS/TOEIC examinations.
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