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GEL calm
CODE: GE-12 (Also known as Adult Literacy)
Course Level: E1
If English is not your first language, our ESOL courses are aimed at developing your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You will develop English Language and practice these skills in class through discussion, presentations, telephone calls, report and academic writing, and intensive reading. Our ESOL programmes will enable you to prepare for work or move onto another course in your chosen subject. Courses are offered on various days throughout the Week.   ESOL programmes are the perfect stepping stone to help you progress in your career.
Course description
What will I study?
This is a skills for Life course. It develops English Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing skills. You will develop English language and practise these skills in class. Some topics you will study are Travel, Work, Study, Shopping, and Health
How will this course be delivered?
In a classroom with students of different nationalities by a fully qualified ESOL tutor. You will be taught through interactive activities, the maximum number of students will be ranging from 10-15.
What qualifications will I get?
Functional Skills qualification / ESOL / Literacy in English .The students will be awarded the certificates after the successful completion of the courses.
A student is finally assessed in all the four main skills reading, writing, speaking and listening to determine whether he/she has successfully completed the course. The final assessment will be a combination of written exams, oral one to one interview, group discussions and computer based exams. The students will have their results after few Weeks as per their performance in the examination.
Certificate awarded by EMDQ / OCN.
Course Level Modules Attendance
ESOL Entry Level Entry Level 1- 3 Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing Part time/ Full time    
ESOL Level 1 Level 1 Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing Part time/ Full time    
Course suitable for
This course is ideal for non native English speakers in the UK who want to learn English for everyday use. After Entry 3 this can lead to Level 1 and Level 2. It helps you to find a job or continue studying. A student has also got a choice to do selected modules in this course like reading or writing or speaking and listening. That can be catered as per the students’ interest.
Entry Requirement
To get admission in the course you have to go through an initial assessment. Students are enrolled in the appropriate level of course depending on their performance in the initial assessment.
Duration of the course
The length of the course will be from 11 to 13 months (8-10 weeks for speaking and listening module only) with minimum 10 - 15 hours per week classroom attendance.
You can move to the next ESOL level. After Entry 3 you could study other subjects in many institutions or do an IELTS course for University. This will also help to prepare for work.
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