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Course Name: Business English Course code : BSE13
English is the accepted official language used in business environment all over the world. Good language skills are required to facilitate any business globally. This course is designed for business professionals who have a desire to sharpen their existing English Language skills. The dynamic structure of the course helps to meet personal language objectives at different levels. Speaking skills are important for effective presentations, face-to-face communication, meetings, video conferencing, teleconferencing and telephone conversations. Writing skills are necessary for clear, persuasive email and other types of business correspondence.The course aims to improve the level of confidence and other executive skills through a friendly learning environment. Qualified and Well trained tutors deliver the subject at a suitable pace to suit the learners. Tutors bring to class their experience and expertise to class.
Course Description
The distinctive feature that makes us different from other colleges is that WE follow a communicative approach to teach English. To make our classrooms communicative WE encourage students to practise English through pair work, group discussion and role plays, as Well as reading and writing activities.

Speaking and Listening:
  • Speak to communicate straightforward and detailed information, ideas and opinions clearly, adapting speech and content to take account of the listener(s), medium, purpose and situation.
  • Listen and respond to spoken language, including extended information and narratives, and follow detailed explanations and multi-step instructions of varying length, adapting response to speaker, medium and context.
  • Engage in discussion with one or more people in a variety of different situations, making clear and effective contributions that produce outcomes appropriate to purpose and topic
  • To train the learners to function more effectively in international meetings and negotiations, work on giving presentations, making speeches, preparing opening statements, chairing and participating in formal and informal meetings, written communication and telephoning. Students can also expect to practice language related to hosting visits, socializing and working in a multicultural environment.
Reading and Writing:
  • Read and understand a range of texts of varying complexity accurately and independently.
  • Read and obtain information of varying length and detail from different sources.
  • Write to communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly using length, format and style appropriate to purpose, content and audience.
  • To perform in a variety of work situations, including interviewing applicants, conducting appraisals, participating in meetings, notes taking, report writing, analysing the company’s performance.
Who is this course for?
Anyone who is involved in business activity of the organisation.
The final assessment could be a combination of written exams, oral one to one interview, group discussions and computer based exams. Certificate awarded by Trinity College London / TOEIC / EMDQ.
Entry Requirements
Anyone wishing to join this course would need to meet the initial entry criteria equivalent of IELTS 4.0 / CEFR B1 and a pre-course interview taken by one of our qualified tutors. In case of overseas students an additional Skype interview of 20 minutes will be required.
Course Duration:
The length of the course will be upto 5-6 months with 15 -19 hours per week.
After the successful completion of the course, the students can take admission in the:
  • Higher English Language courses
  • Level 4/5 certificate and diploma courses as Winsor Education.
Fees :
Total fees (including registration, examination fees and certification)

International Students: £4200
UK/EEA Students: £750

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